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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


This is just a note to the thousands of Internet viewers out there, explaining that I've been fighting a nasty pair of lungs for the past couple of weeks. The result is I haven't run — or done much of anything else interesting. Other things being equal, I'm hoping to take a stab at it in the rain tomorrow morning.
Posted by Mose, 6:19 PM


Aww I wondered what happened to you. I hope you're feeling better!
Blogger Melia, at 6:27 PM  
What a slacker! That cold excuse is running a little thin, don't ya think? How are we supposed to keep up with what's happing in Northwestern Montana if not for you're running blog? Maybe you're readers would like to hear some running tails from the Old Dominion? They may like the contrast of all those scary descriptions of mountain runs to a more sublime picture of Richmond suburbia or inter-city runs. I'll never come close to you're gift for stringing some words together but I'm concerned that fellow blogers may kick you out of club.
Anonymous Bert Boy, at 4:01 PM  

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