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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Mount Helena, again

In the Capital City for a family reunion (Charlotte's), I ran from the hotel on Last Chance Gulch up to Reeders Alley, then to the Mount Helena trailhead, and on up.

I went on the Prospect Shafts (silos?) route, to the Hogback and to the peak. A couple of other people were up there, mostly walking dogs. Beautiful morning; 60-70 degrees and mostly sunny.

I felt good at first, but wore out by the top... made it running, and only 30 seconds slower than last week. At first I was disappointed at that, then I remembered that my starting point was at least half a mile and maybe more below last week's.

Returned via the Prairie Trail, which is easier. Ran by the Smith household on the way down, and saw Kitty and kids on the porch. They didn't recognize me at first.

Anyway, nice run; no wildlife; no former gubernatorial candidates.

8; 13; 35; 398-1/2.
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