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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Warmish for around here

Did a repeat of last Friday's checkup to see if the fawn was anywhere visible. The answer is no. Nothing furry on this trip, in fact.

Mosquitoes, on the other hand, finally have appeared, but fortunately they appear to be mostly nocturnal (so far). I got chewed thoroughly last night while gardening, but didn't see too many this morning on the run to the river.

What surprised me today was how warm it was — 72 degrees at 5:30,which is downright balmy for these parts. Maybe it's a function of last night being the shortest of the year.

Anyway, the run was nice, the route unpopulated and the obnoxious blackbirds not too insistent. I don't remember if I've commented about that, but there are some blackbird nests in the vicinity of Giant Springs, and the birds cackle and divebomb me every time I run through there. They did today, too, but less aggressively than usual. Maybe I exuded hostility.

I went to a function at the L&C Interpretive Center Saturday night (lecture by forensics guy Starrs, making the case for digging up old Meriwether) and I mentioned the fawn to its director. She said that they hadn't seen it, but that she'd advise the staff to keep an eye out. Not that there's anything to be done, but maybe they'll be protective.

The smells are salient by the river now. Sweet clover and wild roses are dominant, but there are others as well. Most of them are pleasant.

My plan is to do some mountain runs in the next few days, some in Helena and some in Missoula. Should be nice.

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