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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Whoa Nellie! Mongo run, with pics!

This was a really cool run. I rode a trolley bus from Helena to a dropoff point a half mile or so from a trailhead southeast of town, maybe 7 miles. It's called the South Ridge trail, and it goes up and over some hills, more or less following a ridge back to the Mount Helena trail system, said to be about 8 miles.

There's a lot of uphill at the beginning, but it gets gentler after that, with just minor ups and downs.

It's another beautiful day, temp in the 60s and no wind. The clouds blocked the sun part of the way, and it even rained on me for a while, though not hard.

A couple of other runners were on the trolley, along with a handful of walkers. I had coffee and mocha beforehand, and brought a couple of granola bars and a liter of water (I didn't know how far it was going to be in reality ... my experience is that my miles are shorter than trail miles).

It was all nice, good views (see pics) and lots of wildflowers. Probably the highlight was seeing quite a few bitterroots in bloom on the high ridges. They're a little late by my experience, and my experience is limited. In fact, it's been 25 years since I saw bitterroots. They tend to be farther west.

I lost my sweat towel (tucked into my pack's strap) about two miles up, but didn't realize it until three miles or more, so going back for it added a couple of miles to the run. I'm going to call it

11; 24; 46; 409-1/2. Pictures are coming, if I can sort this out — I'm using my laptop instead of my home computer to upload the pics.
Posted by Mose, 1:19 PM


Wow, great pictures and run! Makes me want to move family over to Montana. We've been strongly thinking of moving new Internet marketing compnay I started over to Bozeman (MSU provides strong employee base). Plus my wife would like to get back to small town down to earth living that we had growing up in rural Wisconsin.

I am getting back into running after running marathons for years but having got old and fat over last 6 plus years sitting at computer. Reading your blog is motivating me.


- Kevin
Blogger Kevin O'Keefe, at 1:03 PM  

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