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Thursday, July 21, 2005


They say being busy is a good thing, and I would agree generally. However, it's keeping me from proper routines, including my trots and the recording of them here. Today, for example, I didn't get a chance to run, and it's only at 6:05 p.m. that I'm getting around to noting yesterday's run, which was a little longer than I've been doing.

It was nice and cool — 48 at the start — which belies the weather we're having, in the 90s every day. I did a routine (for the past few weeks) run through the golf course (only before dawn this time), to the River's Edge Trail and west. This time, however, I didn't come straight back from the end of my trail route, veering south instead toward the high school and my friend's house. Fortunately, she was up and gave me a drink.

Nothing of note on the run, except that the sunrise light was a tiny bit yellow, which bespeaks fires in the area. Sure enough, there are some below the Missouri Breaks about 250 miles to the east, in the Little Belt mountains about 50 miles to the southeast, and farther away in southcentral and southwest Montana. So much for all that rain — we've had 0.10 inch in 21 days of July. Contrast that with the 6.85 inches we had in June. Plus the temperature's risen and humidity's dropped, from about 50 percent around the Fourth to 11 percent last night.

Anyway, going to a baseball game tonight (White Sox ... not doing nearly as well as their parent team in the bigs), so gotta go.

6-1/2; 11-1/2; 45; 461 P.s. There's still hope for breaking a hundred this month, if I feel like feeding my compulsion.
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