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Saturday, July 16, 2005


Too busy to run yesterday (had to go to Helena all afternoon, which kind of wrecked what is usually a hectic day), but went out at the usual time this morning. Most notable today is the weather. It clouded over last night, so the heat stayed around ... it was 79 at 6 a.m. when I was getting ready, which is almost unheard of in these parts. It's been closer to 50 at that time all week. As I crossed the golf course, there was bright lightning straight ahead, probably at the north end of the Highwood Mountains east of town. And a few drops of rain fell on me early in the run.

Did a reverse of the past couple of Giant Springs runs, going low on the trail on the way out, and returning on the higher, River's Edge Trail. Saw one bicyclist, one dog walker (a woman with three strange-looking, little fat dogs), a rabbit, the usual assortment of birds and not much else. Felt good.

Because of yesterday's jaunt to Helena, I'll be working a fair amount today, plus lawns (as a person who hates lawns, I find myself in the bizarre position of having charge of caring for three of them at the moment, four if I count the "grounds" at the cabin) are in desperate need of mowing. I note the forecast is for even cooler tomorrow (high in the 70s), so maybe I'll procrastinate on that chore.

In a couple of hours, I must go to the bookstore to pick up two copies of the new Harry Potter book. One is for myself; the other I'll FedEx to my daughter at a music school in Vermont.


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Posted by Mose, 6:37 AM


Your blog is great fun. I especially like the wildlife and photo posts --- both exhibiting great whimsy.
As soon as I can figure out how to link you to my page, I will.

Blogger Out there with Tom, at 10:49 AM  

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