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Friday, August 26, 2005

And back to the river

I skipped a day while watching the BRAC Commission proceedings on C-Span2 (exciting stuff, especially if you are in a city about 30 percent dependent on the military). It continues today — working on Air Force moves (Ellsworth in Rapid City right now, in fact) — but I ran anyway.

It was a repeat of Tuesday, except I did a half-mile cliff-top loop at the river, both to enjoy it a little longer and to add a little mileage.

It's cool again — 49 right now — but somehow didn't feel so chilly. Drier maybe? Anyway, there weren't as many birds there. A lot, still, but not the cacophonous mass that was there Tuesday. One older fella walking on the trail and that's about it.

The sun rose along the way, about 6:40 a.m., and I found two more golf balls.

Well I'll be: It looks as if the BRAC boys are going to try to reverse the Pentagon and leave Ellsworth open. That'll be good news in South Dakota if they do.


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