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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Be damned!

A month off! Can't say I'm thrilled about it, but can't say it's that unusual either. It's only been in the past 10 years that I've continued running much in the summer. Partly I hate the heat, partly it's busier at work, and partly there's just other stuff to do.

This year, my hiatus started with a bout of severe stomach flu, which leveled me for three days, and weakened me for a week. Then a series of trips: Boston and Vermont with my friend to tour a little and pick up Nora at her music school; then Nebraska by car, again with Nora, to visit my dying father. We had a wonderful visit, considering, but just got back on the weekend.

Running back east would have been tough, both because of the heat/humidity and because we were hopping the whole time. Nebraska was just too busy. So ...

I finally got back this morning, going through the golf course to the river, around a short section of trail, and back.

Three things stood out: 1. How much darker it is already at 6 a.m. Today that's partly because it's mostly cloudy, but the sun only just came up. 2. There were thousands of seagulls hanging around the islands below Black Eagle Falls. They must be ganging up to head out for the winter. What a racket. 3. Must have been a golf tournament that got rained out last night, because I found five good balls. That's just one short of my record, which usually means the wind was blowing near sunset so that golfers didn't waste the precious remaining light looking for errant shots.

Anyway, I felt surprisingly good for coming back after a month, with only a couple of twinges in the knees/ankles.

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