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Monday, August 29, 2005

Going back

It's Monday morning and I went longish just to see if I could ... and I did it from my "new" house which, unfortunately, is farther away from the river. This time, I wandered off south of town into the coulees and gravel pits that overlook Gibson Flats, which runs up to the Little Belt Mountains south of the city.

I used to run here 25 years ago, and rarely since, only when I felt like a long and different run. It's an interesting landscape, with sandstone or limestone cliffs, a few marshes full of birds and a resident family of foxes. And with all the subdivision activity nearby, the old terrain is now crisscrossed with fences, and the trails are overgrown.

Anyway, I crossed a few fences and explored, winding around and finally back to my new house. It was a nice day, probably in the 60s and sunny.

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