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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Base run

Well, I dogged it over the weekend, working, cooking, dining with Nora and Charlotte, and so on, and despite the best of intentions I didn't run.

Monday I hit work early, so Tuesday I finally got back to it, doing a nice pre-dawn trot in a big circle, south in the 'hoods to 7th, west to 46th, north to 2nd North, and out to the main gate of Malmstrom. That was interesting only to see the number of smokers sitting in their cars, waiting to go through security. I shouldn't be surprised by that, I suppose, but I was. America's finest, making low pay, most of them young-ish, and probably two-thirds of them smoking. I'm not smug about that -- I smoked for the better part of 30 years myself, including 15 while being a runner! (cadging smokes mostly), but it seems like the cost alone would give folks pause now. Yikes.

Anyway, it was warmer than I thought ... overcast during the night I guess. Breezy, and pretty out. Too much traffic on the extended part of 3rd South, so I probably won't do that again (the headlights are blinding). Felt pretty good. 59 degrees.

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