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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Today I repeated last Thursday's route, the one I called boring. I can say it still is. Once again, though, I noticed the difference a few minutes make in traffic. I was probably 10 minutes later than the past few days' runs, and there were many more cars and people starting cars. Doesn't matter, but it's part of getting the rhythm of the town, I guess.

Anyway, there was frost on the pumpkins this morning, and on the cars. Temp is 32 right now. I wore my usual (T-neck long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirt over it, gloves, shorts) but added a fleece stocking cap instead of my usual wicking skull cap (I'm balder'n a cue ball, so I need to wear something on my head, almost all the time).

Felt fine; saw no one outside of a car.

I'll have to check my tomatoes ... we covered the ones at Charlotte's, but I didn't cover here ... it was warm and cloudy last night when I went to bed (Watching Scoreses's film about Dylan ... most excellent!).

5-1/2; 11; 58; 535-1/2
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