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Friday, September 16, 2005

Go east, old man

After skipping a day on account of busy-ness, I did what I've been wondering about, heading east toward the Air Base on the extension of 3rd Avenue South in Great Falls. Unfortunately, it was so dark I couldn't do much exploring. It turns out the street serves the gate to an Army National Guard facility (I had no idea), an equestrian center and the base RV park, then bears north along the fence (the other side of which is some nice base housing) to the main gate on 2nd Avenue North.

North of that are a couple of credit union facilities and a few other businesses, and more fence. I looped back toward town on 2nd, returning home along part of the route I've run several times in the past week or two. The whole run was pre-dawn, and the oncoming traffic (folks going to work at the base) made seeing difficult. I'll explore it some more in daylight.

The weather is moderate, I'd say: 50 degrees or so, partly cloudy, no wind. I felt great and could have gone farther, but I wanted to save up a bit so I can run all the way to the river tomorrow. I think I know where and how it'll go, having thoroughly explored the river environs in years gone by, but we'll see.

4-1/2; 15-1/2; 26-1/2; 504
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there's some great reading here, from one runner to another. Congrats on breaking 500 mi, definitely a milestone.
Blogger Justin, at 7:47 PM  

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