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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Going backward

Not exactly ... I just did the reverse of the fairly boring run I did yesterday. I felt great, it was a beautiful morning, and cooler, but it was no more interesting. I encountered a woman running with a big German shepherd right at the start, and surprisingly I went faster than she did.

Temperature was in the low 40s, and as I was coming back to the east, a beautiful sunrise was in the making -- orange glow over the nearby Highwood Mountains and an unusually orderly, corduroy sky running perpendicular to the coming sun's rays (i.e. north to south).

Surprising also what a difference about 10 minutes makes. Yesterday, when I started about 10 minutes later than today, traffic was a nuisance, blinding me in the dark. Today, I met two or three cars, on a busy street way at the west end (32nd, I think) and nothing else. Even 10th was almost unoccupied.

Not much else to muse about, unless it's work, and we don't want to go there, do we.

5-1/2; 15-1/2; 42; 519-1/2
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