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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hot air, going fast

Amazing. Yesterday it was about 30 degrees and calm when I ran. Frost was on all the cars, and it nailed my tomato plants. Today, the temperature is 68 and the wind is gusting to 45 mph (from the southwest, of course).

I ran a reverse version of Tuesday's trot, with a longer west end (on the trails through Portage Meadows) and a shorter east end (didn't go up to the Air Force Base gate). I felt fine, but bucking that wind as I came two miles back up 56th Street convinced me to curtail the run and go home. That stretch has nothing but open space on the upwind side, so the wind really hits you.

Oddly, even with an earlier start, traffic this morning was heavy ... perhaps as heavy as I've ever seen it. Wonder why.

4-1/2; 15-1/2; 62-1/2; 540
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