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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The return of routine

I don't know why, but runners need routine. They need to block out the time and make their daily trot as routine as going to the bathroom or eating. Otherwise, it's too easy to blow it off. Then, paradoxically for me anyway, I don't like to get in a rut on the routes. And I note that it's getting so that I'm running in the dark if I go at all early. I'll have to be creative to avoid ruts and still be able to see while running from this house.

One area I haven't yet explored is the housing on the southwest corner of the local Air Force Base. It's just across the highway from where I live, and it appears to have some streets/roads that are accessible to the public. On calm days, you can hear taps, reveille and the national anthem broadcast over the base PA system. And today — make of it what you will — the base, which is headquarters for 200 intercontinental ballistic missiles, lay under its very own fog bank. Odd.

Anyway, I went the other way, west and south to the neighborhood known as Mountain View and back. It was dull, but I felt surprisingly good. For the first time since spring, I wore a turtleneck and gloves (it was about 42 degrees).

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