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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Similar day

Once again it was misty and damp, with what Patrick O'Brian would call a close sky. I repeated Friday's run (after skipping the weekend and Monday again ... We went to Helena for the evening Saturday and wound up watching several episodes of Six Feet Under. Funny show.

Running this morning, I heard mention on NPR of the death of an old icon: Don Addams (I think it had two Ds). He was 82! It got me to wondering what had become of my old buddy Larry Daasch. Dimps, as he was called in junior high in Grand Island, Nebraska, 40 years ago. I last crossed paths with him at the University of Nebraska when I was a lost moron and he had returned from a short enrollment at Brown University (hated the snobs there). He was working for one of the underground FM stations. When we were in the 13-15 range, we started talking like Don Addams. All the time. I'm sure it drove everyone around us nuts, but I swear if I saw Dimps today, I'd say: "Lar!" and he'd say: "Gar" and we'd launch into a routine. "Would you believe ... two policemen in a rowboat?" Funny. I tried a quick search and found some Larry Daasches, but none that appeared too promising. Anyway ...

I do like the route, and this time I extended it a bit to the west when I got to Portage Meadows, which has been called alternatively Portage Ghettos and, more to the point of its subterranean water problems, Portable Meadows (the houses used to have a tendency to wander off their foundations). It has some nice, paved pathways through the center. Probably added half a mile to the distance. Felt fine, so...

5-1/2; 5-1/2; 52-1/2; 530
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