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Monday, October 24, 2005

Bright and nice

On the day after Konerko hits a grand slam and Podsednik, who didn't hit any homers all season, hits a walkoff home run, I'm conflicted. I think I like the White Sox (though I'm more of a Red Sox fan), at the least because their farm team is here. Maybe I just don't like short World Series.

Anyway, after yesterday's nostalgia run, I returned to my routine base gate-Portage Meadows loop. Considering it was an 18-hour turnaround, I felt great.

It's just a half moon, but it was straight overhead, and the air clear, so it was relatively bright out. Very little traffic except around the gate. And it's a little warmer again (more with the yoyo weather) -- 50 degrees and fairly calm.

No dogs in the subdivision, and no other walkers/joggers that I saw.

5-1/2; 5-1/2; 88; 628
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