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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Clouds and dogs

The portable ghettoes route was uneventful until a guy walking two dogs, probably border collies or something like that, let them loose and they made a huge racket chasing me. I placated them, but not before anyone within two blocks was awakened by their obnoxious barking. Worst, they guy didn't seem to care much, not bothering to call them back, even though both appeared to be wearing leashes. They weren't particularly threatening, but oh the noise! This on the winding sidewalks that go right among the houses. Oh well ... not my fault.

Otherwise, it was warmish (46) and overcast so that the moon didn't help much. Not a lot of traffic, probably because I went slightly early. I've done two days of Cybex workouts, so today I stuck around home after the run, for a shower, etc.

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