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Friday, October 07, 2005

Early, dark, warm, long

That about sums it up. I awoke half an hour before the coffee pot, hit the start button and was out trotting in the dark before 5:30. The oddest part of it -- especially after the past few days -- was that it was 56 degrees out. I could have run in a t-shirt, but wore the longsleeves out of habit.

There was a slight overcast, and a moderate southwest wind, which together account for the temperature. On my way home last night, I gauged the distance of the little loop that goes up to the Air Force Base's gate, so I went that way today, tacking a long loop through and around Portage Meadows (clear west to 42nd), then back on the connector between 2nd Ave N and 3rd Ave S.

Uneventful, except for the road-killed black lab on 10th N near the grain elevator. It was so dark, it was little more than a dark spot in my eyes, but I drove past later on the way to work and saw what it was. Bloated and messy. Glad the wind was blowing, because the smell would have been unpleasant. And glad I didn't step on it.

Anyway, I felt a little stiff (I have gone pretty far in the past five days ... not anything like a PR, but long for this stage of my running, coming back from a hiatus and a little overweight), but it got better as I went.

Call it
6-1/2; 27-1/2; 27-1/2; 567-1/2
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