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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Awoke today with a slight buzz in my head, and I thought for a moment about skipping my run -- sinus? sleep deprivation? Neither seemed right, so I headed out and I'm glad I did. I actually felt fine running -- good, even.

Did the water tower route, and saw only a woman jogging in the dark on 12th Ave. S. Another guy appeared to be stretching on the sidewalk near some apartments -- either that or he was dying. I suspect the former. Traffic was heavier than usual on 10th. I even had to wait 30 seconds to cross, which has not happened at that hour (6-ish) before. Who knows why.

It's still clear; the moon is waning but still useful as a light. That's about over, however. Temp is 39 and there's little wind.

Odd night last night. I was on the phone for the better part of three hours. About half was with my sister who'd just returned from a visit to our relatives in Atlanta. The rest was with our old neighbors from Lincoln (my cabin), who've just moved to Helena from Reno, where they've been for eight or nine years. They still have their Tibetan mastiffs -- three of them: Sandy, Zeus, and I don't remember the other. We'll visit them next time we're in Helena. The remainder was, of course, with Charlotte.

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