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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Late, light, warm, long

Skipped Saturday to work, cook and watch some college football (Huskers narrowly lose to Texas Tech), but went longish today, finally making it all the way to the river from the "new" house.

It was nice ... 50 degrees, breeze from the north, and sunny. Stayed on the road (I think it's 57th St) to the curve westward, where I went straight across a wheat field to the Giant Springs water place. Then I bushwacked on northward to the River's Edge Trail just above the tunnel. Followed the trail to the overlooks and came back up the hill on the old road to the back gate of the Air Force Base.

It was relatively uneventful, except for some mule deer down behind the water plant. Picked up a few burrs through the tall stuff, and my old sore-foot problems showed themselves about six miles in. Stopped to swing my legs and flex my toes a couple of times, and they were fine. Don't know whether I'll run in the morning ... it'd be a short turn-around if I did.

Meanwhile, I'm watching the bottom of the 9th, wherein Houston is trying to put Atlanta away in four games, but the Astros trail 6-5 (two grand slams!).

7-1/2; 35; 35; 575 (Big week! Don't remember the last time I made 35 miles ... last spring, probably)
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