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Monday, October 31, 2005

New shoes

I was busy Sunday, and tired, so I skipped running. Instead, between work and cooking, I bought some new shoes, socks and winter garb (a dri-fit turtleneck, some pants, some new lycra tights (on sale for $7!) and a water repellent windbreaker. The shoes were the key, though, and I tried them out on an odd five-miler today. They are nice. Back to Nikes for the first time in five years or so, after a couple of loser pair of NewBalances. These are some kind of trail something or other, and they're surprisingly inexpensive ($65) -- cheapest shoes I've bought in 15 years.

They're also size 14s, which is what I had been wearing in Nikes before I gave them up. I'll try them for a few more days and if I continue to like them, I'll order another pair or two. Meanwhile, my bright yellow Brookses are still OK, too, though less stable.

The route today was circuitous, with a few zigs and zags, but roughly from home to 38th to the KOA and entrance to the gravel pit, and back home via 57th. It's cool (39 degrees) and windy from the southwest (of course). The switch over the weekend to standard time means the sun was pinking the eastern horizon, making the mountains look closer and making running near the KOA less treacherous.

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