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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Nice sky

More traffic this morning, though there's always more in the vicinity of the base gate. That's the route I took, and it was routine and pleasant.

If anything was memorable, it was that I got screwed up on the paths in Portage Meadows, coming out on 4th Ave N short of the park, so I dove back into the development on the next trail, then found that the trail in the park goes clear around, which is nice. I hadn't noticed it before because the asphalt trail is hard to see in the dark.

Saw one person waiting for a bus, one person walking a dog, and one city bus coming down 57th at an engine-wrecking speed (not so fast in mph, but he/she never shifted, so it was obnoxiously high in RPMs and, therefore, decibels). That driver undoubtedly owns a Harley and assumes everyone else likes that noise too.

But I digress. The sky was dappled with clouds, and the glow implied that the moon was back there somewhere. The stars were especially sharp, too. Temp this morning was 37. Wore a cap and gloves for the first couple of miles.

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