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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Pretty funny

There must have been something especially exciting about the way the Astros came back yesterday to get me to note it in yesterday's post. As it turns out, for those of you who are sports fans who have been asleep for 36 hours, it was the longest post-season game in major league history -- six hours and 18 innings, with two grandslams and just about every player on both rosters used. Oh, and Houston won. Probably most amazing of all, the same guy who caught Lance B's grandslam to pull Houston within a run, later caught Burke's winning home run in the 18th inning.

Meanwhile, back on the streets of Great Falls, it was warmish this morning (46) and calm, and oddly busy. No cars, but I saw two pairs of women walking, two individuals of indeterminate sex walking, and two other people, one male and one female, running. The guy was over on 12th Ave S where there are no streetlights. If we'd have been on the same side of the street, we'd have run into each other, so dark it was. But we both ran on the left, and were going in opposite directions. I only noticed him as he passed.

Anyway, it was routine and I felt good, having evidently recovered from Sunday's longish trot.

5-1/2; 5-1/2; 40-1/2; 580-1/2
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