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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Short, cooler

Tried a new route in the gorgeous moonlight this morning. Got a late start again, so went short with the intention of going to Peak to get reacquainted (boy that word looks weird) with the Cybex weight machines.

The route was straight south, out the driveway to the KOA campground, and west to a construction gravel pit. On weekends and during daylight many years ago, I have gone through that gravel pit and out onto Gibson Flats below. I shall have to try that again sometime. It was too dark (and guarded by a dog? Don't know) and I was going short, anyway. At the least I'll have to go out there in light sometime to explore other possible routes.

I just looped a little west on 10th Ave. S. upon my return to it, then back home. It was much cooler -- 35 degrees or so -- and the wind was gone.

3-1/2; 8-1/2; 65-1/2; 605-1/2
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