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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Similar weather, brighter moon

The hazy overcast was gone this morning, so the almost (two days past full) full moon was like a street light. Also, it's straight overhead today and the next day or two at this hour.

Did a slight variation (tiny bit longer) on the water tower route, coming back from 7th to 6th, like the buses do, before going west to 32nd and south to 13th.

Uneventful. I thought about skipping today, but as usual once I got going, I was glad I did.

Saw one other walker; the later hour (6:30-ish) meant more traffic, but still not bad. About the same as yesterday in the weather: 36 degrees.

5-1/2; 14; 71; 611
Posted by Mose, 6:16 AM


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