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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


It is, after all, October.

Did what probably will be my routine run, with slight variations: Wander south to 7th Ave S, then east to 32nd, then south across the thoroughfare of 10th Ave S and around the hoods out there and back via roughly 46th, which climbs the hill by a watertower, and home.

The snow is a dusting, really, just enough to let us know what season it is. I understand the eastern part of the state got hammered, and the mountains south of here are pure white. Here, it's right around freezing, the streets are mostly just wet, and there's no wind to speak of. I dressed more warmly (fleece jacket, tights and a hat) and actually got too warm, but not uncomfortably so.

Meeting with the governor this morning, which is always interesting.

5-1/2; 15-1/2; 15-1/2; 555-1/2
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