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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sun and more dogs

Odd morning. I worked from 6:30 until 9:30 or so, then ran from the office -- sort of a reunion run in an area I hadn't visited in a couple of years because I changed my routine.

I used to run almost every day, from the office or, later, from Peak, and during the noon hour. As a result, I know every path, track, railroad fence and alley within a five-mile radius of the office. Today's was one of my favorites, though it does involve a few forbidden paths. It is most notable for the Sun River Dike, which was constructed after the big Sun River floods back in, I think, the '70s. It's nice, because it's away from roads and you almost never see anyone else, even though it's in town. It's much the same, though without me tromping on it three times a week or so, the trail is a little more overgrown. Also, some of the vegetation, like Russian olives, is bigger.

It was cold -- 30-35 degrees, but brightly sunny, and it warmed to about 40 by the time I was done. I did meet another fellow out there, with three or four big black labs, a couple of which had been swimming. All very friendly.

I jumped off the dike out near the Interstate, and went on west on 5th Ave. SW, as far as it goes, then back in on 4th to 20th St., then back over the freeway on Central West. I won't talk about the return route. Suffice it to say:

6-1/2; 25-1/2; 82-1/2; 622-1/2

I note that I am in need of new shoes. I bought some last spring in Missoula -- a bright colored pair of Brooks (which I hadn't had in years) and the latest NewBalance trail shoe. I don't remember the number -- 905 maybe. Turns out the Brooks are nice but not as stable as I'd like, and the NBs suck ... they were fine, except NB can't seem to get its eyelets right (they almost always tear out), and this time I blow holes in the uppers, right at the bunions. That hasn't happened since my last Brooks shoes, back in the 70s. I don't know how many miles they have on them ... the NBs probably about 350 -- not much by my standard.
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