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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Warm and long

The compulsive in me took over today, in search of the elusive 100-mile month. It was warm out -- very warm, the temperature hovering in the 56 range with southwesterly breezes that were actually warm, like 70 or so! -- so I headed west. I went directly to Great Falls High, about three miles from home, got a drink at my friend's house, then took a circuitous route back.

It took me stairstepping to 9th Ave. N., then back from the water tower to 3rd and home. There was quite a bit of traffic, and a couple of pedestrians around the school. One guy walking his dog, and one bicyclist that startled me because I was gawking to the side when he swept up behind me on my "blind side."

Today I must spend some money on tires and property taxes. I can hardly wait. I fell asleep with the series in the 10th inning last night. I guess it went to the 14th before a White Sox home run (by a guy in his first series at-bat) gave them the win and put them at 3-0. I'd like a longer series, but I don't mind the Sox winning.

7-1/2; 18-1/2; 101; 641

If I want to be really compulsive, I can set 1000 as a goal for the year. It will require consistent 35-mile weeks. I don't know if I can do it, but it would have to be good on my waistline, which grew during my summer of bereavement. We'll see.
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