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Monday, October 03, 2005

Well that was interesting

You may recall from my last post that it was exceedingly windy last Thursday. By my recollection, in fact, it was the first significantly windy day in a long time, certainly since all the trees and grasses around here had matured for the season. Well even as I typed that post, my nose was beginning to run.

And it ran copiously for the better part of three days. I tried a few drugs, and I used my little Netti Pot several times a day. But oddly it never matured into the cold I was expecting (and which Charlotte has caught). It leads me to conclude that it was a summer's worth of allergies all packed into three days.

I finally got back to running today (could have yesterday, but I got one of my old lawnmowers to work and cut my grass, to the relief of the neighbors, no doubt). I went southwestward and discovered some newly paved but unoccupied streets in the coulee that used to lead out to the Gibson Flats marshes.

It was dark and overcast, spitting a little mist, in a temp of about 40, but the footing was good and there were some little hills. I'll probably make that a common route, maybe even explore it some more. For example I couldn't tell how far down the coulee the roads went (too dark).

Anyway, my nose isn't running and I feel good, happy to say. At last, a month that gets off to a good start.

5-1/2; 5-1/2; 5-1/2; 545-1/2

Oh, but I did get to watch the Huskers pull one out of their back pockets, using an unprecedented passing attack. For the first time in two years, it was a Nebraska game that was fun to watch. That, at least, was good, even if the team still leaves some to be desired.
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