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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Damp and cool

I'm starting to sound like a cracked CD (get it? broken record ... ), because the mildly erratic weather here continues to be the salient feature of my otherwise fairly boring runs.

Today, it is in the low 30s with a southerly breeze and wet streets. It obviously rained or snowed earlier, but nothing was falling while I ran, and there was no snow on the ground. I got out earlier (5:40) so traffic was light. I did encounter a couple of walking women and met the other runner on the dark streets again.

Because of the wet ground, I did a variation of the water tower route that didn't include the dirt paths near the tower itself.

I felt pretty good, although slightly tired. That's probably because I was up unusually late (for me) last night, winding down from the candidate forum. It went well, but I didn't even get home until after 9, and I hadn't eaten since lunchtime.

5-1/2; 21-1/2; 16-1/2; 675-1/2
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