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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Discovery II, with pictures!

I ran basically the reverse of last week's trip to the big rocks/cliffs at the east end of Gibson Flats, and they were just as cool this time. My old friends the rough-legged hawks were with me again, but they didn't get close enough to photograph.

It's a remarkable day, in the 50s and not that windy. And as you'll see in the pics, it's sunny.

I felt very good ... these 37-mile weeks are starting to pay off, I guess. I can only imagine how good I'd feel with about 20 pounds less baggage around my middle.

Anyway, it was as uneventful as such a run can be. I listened to Sunday Morning Edition on NPR till the station went bad, then listened to sports radio until I got sick of it. By then, the NPR station was coming in OK again.

Youth Orchestra concert is this afternoon, followed by dinner with daughter. It'll be nice.

Thanks to a tech-savvy daughter in Nebraska (that'd be Melia), the pics are up now. It's easy, but slow. Nevertheless, they're there. Thanks kid.

Enjoy! And for newcomers to this ordinarily boring blog, I direct your attention to some nice (if I do say so ...) pictures in my January, April and June entries ... including the big trail system in Helena and Mt Sentinel in Missoula.
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It is easier - you can upload a picture right from the editor in blogger :) no more fiddling with picasa at all ;)

Give me a call when you have a mo and I'll help ya :)
Blogger Melia, at 4:17 PM  

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