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Friday, November 11, 2005

Flats in the dark

Repeated yesterday's run, with the exception that it was fully one hour earlier and a little cloudier, which meant it was pitch black in some areas. That, in turn, meant I had to go pretty slow on the rocky trail areas, even with a headlamp. One patch of sky, however, revealed a very bright Orion.

I saw deer (couldn't tell how many) in the trees before I dropped onto the flats. Otherwise, it was quiet out there. Windy, though -- 25-30 mph -- and warm, about 50. Pleasant.

Going to see the GFH production of Bye Bye Birdie tonight, which will be fun. And Pride and Prejudice premiers today, undoubtedly not in Great Falls (haven't read the paper yet).

Felt good, except for a slightly sore ankle. That's probably the result of lugging a full-size Thanksgiving turkey around in the form of extra weight. Re-learned the lesson of the difficulty of running in the dark toward bright lights (on 10th) ... they blind you for what's immediately in front of you. Fortunately most of that occurred on paved areas.

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