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Friday, November 25, 2005

More Helena

I took off from my friends' house in the old mansion district (not exactly a mansion, but nice), and headed for the Capitol but got interested in some hillsides out south of Montana Ave, and headed up one of them (Raleigh?). It went to a trail that went diagonally over southwesterly, and wound up going up to a trailhead that went over the ridge on the east side of the gulch, then back by way of Park.

It was nice; not much traffic, chilly (27) and clear, so the lights were pretty as the sun (which is peeking over the hill as I type this) was approaching. Felt surprisingly good considering the big hill yesterday.

I don't know distances around here, but considering the time I took, I'd conservatively make it to be

5; 19; 107-1/2; 766-1/2
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