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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Nice, breezy

Got another late (6:10) start, so didn't do anything even remotely adventurous. Well, unless you count going down a few alleys and stirring up the neighborhood dogs.

It's warm again (50), and a little windy but not oppressively so. Overcast with rain in the forecast. I went to 9th Ave S, then straight east all the way to 27th Street, then stair-stepped over to 3rd Ave S for the return trip. Generally dull, but felt pretty good.

Have to moderate some debates tomorrow night, so today will be busy, getting all the little details nailed down, including setting up the room with the TV folks.

Better go.

5-1/2; 10-1/2; 5-1/2; 664-1/2
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