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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Out of the rut

It snowed overnight (not much -- an inch or two at most), and I was tired this morning, plus it was going to be a fractured day anyway, so I delayed my run until 11 or so. I originally planned to don a headlamp and head to my new digs (see Sunday's entry), but opted for the day-filling later run. Was able to combine it with voting (city election), getting my cell phone checked (I've not been "updating" it ... didn't know I had to) and a few other errands.

I ran from the office by the river all the way back up past GFH to the Catholic grade school on Central Avenue and 28th Street and back, with some zigzagging to for no particular reason. It still was barely above freezing, so the shaded sidewalks were still crusty with snow and ice -- a little treacherous. Mostly routine, though. Felt pretty good.

Election returns tonight, so will be working a little late (to within an hour of having final returns).

5-1/2; 5-1/2; 30; 689
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