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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Something is happening

The weather has been especially unpredictable in the past few days, and the forecast looks like more of the same. The SW wind will pick up, the temperature will rise and a line of clouds will blow through, then it'll cloud over and spit rain for a while, then it'll clear off and get cold. All in a matter of hours. It's been doing this for a week or so.

I'm mindful of it, because today (again), it was upward of 50 when I went out, and it's in the 30s right now. And it is all relative -- most of this variability is occurring in a range of 28-55 degrees, which is damn near perfect for running.

Today I did my water tower route, and it was quiet out ... one walker, one runner in the dark streets of Mountain View, and very few cars.

I felt pretty good, and I went a little faster than I've been going, without really thinking about it.

Debates/forums are tonight, so I might use the evening of activity to begin a fast to get my blood tests tomorrow morning (time to refill a few prescriptions, and the doctor wants to make sure everything's working OK).

Last night, I made some killer salsa out of most of the rest of my garden tomatoes. Looks like four pints. I'll can it tomorrow night or on the weekend.

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