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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Woa! Snow!

After working Saturday, working a little and cooking another turkey dinner (and eating it) Sunday, and being dazzled by the largest single "snow event" in Great Falls history (18 inches!) on Monday, I ventured out this morning and slipped and slid my way around six miles in near-zero temps.

The pictures are from my front porch (including a fuzzy one of the "Griswolds" nearby) and from my sidewalk of my house. Mostly I wanted to show the snow. Today, because it was 6 degrees and foggy, the trees and fences are thick with hoar frost, and the ice is fairly treacherous.

I did the Base Gate-to-Portage Meadows route, except that the paved paths through the meadows haven't been shoveled since before the last round of snow, so I had to stay on the road (7th Ave N?) all the way to 42nd before heading back, extending the route by half a mile or so.

It wasn't too bad, but a couple of areas were very slippery. Then I actually fell near a guy scraping his car, but it was because I wasn't watching my footing, not because of the ice. And it was more of a "stumble with use of hands" than an actual "fall."

For these conditions, I wear a heavier hat, wrap my head in a loose-knit scarf (that I can breathe through easily), and don't wear glasses (they'll steam over). Even so, I wind up taking off the hat and one layer of gloves (the mittens) during the run.

Char gave me some ice-gripper things for my shoes last Christmas, and if conditions stay the same, I may try them out tomorrow.

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