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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

YakTrax work

After yesterday's slippage, I decided to give a try to a pair of YakTrax Pros that my fiancee gave me for Christmas last year. I had put them in a drawer and forgotten them, mostly because we've had such mild weather. They're a kind of rubber-and-springs traction device. I have my doubts about how many runs they'll last through, but they worked well the first time.

I scooted through what is probably the worst possible conditions: two inches of new, dry snow (9 degrees this morning with a stiff breeze -- minus five windchill) spread evenly on irregular ice. It was the pedestrian equivalent of having studded tires on my four-wheel-drive Forester: almost made the snow/ice irrelevant.

I ran comfortably down to her house to show her how well they worked, then back with a few zigs and zags. I was the first person or vehicle on many of the streets. Evidently this weather reduces traffic. We now have at least 20 inches of snow on the ground, and the forecast through Sunday calls for more of the same. We could have three feet before it's done. I'm sure I'm going to wind up on the treadmills at Peak before it's over.

Not surprisingly, I saw no other runners or walkers, but did see half a dozen snow-shovelers. I was able to take care of my walks with a push broom.

6-1/2; 12-1/2; 120; 779

That's one of my better months in some time. I'll never make 1000 (220 in December? Not bloody likely! But 900 is within reach.).
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