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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Ice, an inch of snow and temperatures in the teens (16 at the time of the run) greeted me this morning, and it was nice. The experience was enhanced by a full moon high in the western sky, which bodes well for tomorrow. If it stays cold and clear tonight, I think I'll head to the flats again. It would be beautiful out there with snow and a full moon.

Today, however, I didn't brave the 10 mph southerly breeze (cold on the face) out on the flats, choosing the slightly more sheltered water tower route. It was earlier than usual (5:15 start), and traffic was light.

I felt very good, happy to report. And even happier to report that the surgery I performed on my new pair of Nikes seems to have worked -- two moderate-length runs and nothing so much as a hot spot.

5-1/2; 10-1/2; 61-1/2; 720-1/2
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