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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Heat wave!

It's 23 this morning (that's about -6 C), but breezy and slippery, and my logistics made a third day of indoor exercise more efficient.

I did a slight variation of yesterday, going three around the gym (51 laps), then doing 2-1/4 on an orbital, followed by a few crunches on the medieval torture machine, followed by another mile in the gym, a quarter of which was dribbling a basketball again.

Dribbling may be an overstatement. Bouncing it along in front of me might be a better description. It does focus the attention and involve the upper body a bit -- I can recommend it.

Anyway, it was still boring. A woman ran a couple with me at the beginning, which also made the time pass a bit more quickly. Felt good, however, and I was running under 9 minute miles, which by my recent (overweight) measure is fairly expeditious.

6; 18; 18; 797

(NOTE TO ANY OTHER BLOGGERS OUT THERE: I see that Blogspot seems to give me different typographical and entry options depending on what computer I'm on. For example, yesterday I noted that I didn't seem to have the ability to make a post from a different date; I've noticed when helping my friend Charlotte post that sometimes she has the option of color, sometimes not; and so on. Is this an operating system issue? Browser version? Or just preferences somewhere that I'm not seeing?)
Posted by Mose, 8:17 AM


Could be anything really. Blogger might look different for mac users and it could depend on the browser. Without seeing it though I don't know.

I do know Blogger made a change on something for if you want to change the date of your posts and there's an extra click involved to get to that. Can't remember what it was for offhand.
Blogger Melia, at 8:32 AM  

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