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Sunday, December 11, 2005


I was tired Friday, the weather was less than ideal, etc., etc., so I went to the gym with a mind to just shower, maybe do some weights. Once there, I decided to split the difference, so I did a vigorous Cybex routine, then ran a mile dribbling a basketball. So that was Friday (and I still haven't had/taken the time to figure out how to postdate an entry here, since our friends at Blogger have changed things), and it was a mere

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Today, Sunday, after working for about four hours and intending to run outside (since it was nice -- 42 or so, and not too windy), I changed my mind and stayed indoors, treadmilling (since the folks in front of the orbitals seemed transfixed by the shopping network, or something equivalent) in front of the Indianapolis Colts game. I don't normally care a fig about NFL football, but the Colts' run at an undefeated season has captured ... well, gotten my attention.

I did four "random" miles on the mill, then it was halftime so I did a fifth mile dribbling a ball around the gym again. Not quite as boring as usual, because the game was mildly interesting.

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