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Monday, January 30, 2006

Brokeback Theater

Took a nice, fast walk yesterday just before sunset with C and the girls, but gave my slightly stiff legs a break from running.

After Saturday's run, Nora and I went to Brokeback Mountain and got well-and-thoroughly Carmiked: The movie was late starting, the focus/lens choice kept distorting the picture, and finally, about two-thirds of the way through, the sound went haywire. We and most of the rest of the audience walked out and raised a little hell in the lobby, and for second prize we got rainchecks. From what we saw, though, we weren't sure we agreed with all the hype. I've discussed it some with a couple of people who loved the film, and decided that we missed the heart of it. I'll wait for the DVD to make a final judgment (only seems fair). It was well-acted and looked good; there were a few scenes that strained credulity, however. Enough of that.

As for Carmike, it is a company that would be better off out of business. Then maybe a company that knows how to run theaters would take over the facilities. As it is, it is a service business that consistently pisses off its customers. Not a good business plan, but it's downright predictable. The funniest thing about this incident was how no one who walked out was surprised by it — they'd all been there before, with Carmike.

Anyway, today, I did a reverse version of the water tower route, with a six-block extension on the south end, going into the weirdly dark new neighborhood out there. I even met another runner who, like me, was wearing black and running in the middle of the street. I only know it was a man because he said good morning as he passed.

It was interesting how I loosened up and felt better as I got going. By the end, I was clipping along fairly well.

I'm anticipating a pretty tough week at work, though I can't put my finger on why. Also want to get my taxes done (yeehaw).

It's breezy out, and about 40 degrees. I see the forecast has snow in it pretty much all week, but with highs in the 40s. Strange winter — warmest January on record, across much of the Great Plains.

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