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Monday, January 09, 2006

Chilly gale

I plodded through the water tower route, surprising a female jogger as I emerged from the dark, snow-covered trail and entered the street. We bucked a 45 mph headwind together, her on the right side of the street and me on the left, for several blocks. I went a tiny bit faster than she (which doesn't say much for how fast she was going), and she peeled off to the right somewhere along the way.

It's not terribly cold out, maybe 30, but that wind has to be gusting in the 50 mph range, which, according to the NOAA, makes a wind chill in the 10 degree range. The moon was already set, but I'm hopeful it'll light my way in a few days, when it's close to full.

Possibly because of the wind, possibly because it's Monday, there wasn't much traffic, even though it wasn't particularly early (6 to 7, roughly). Go figure. Some stretches have chopped up ice on them, which made footing a little less than ideal. It snowed Friday night, about 4 inches. Some of it melted, but the wind was creating cool ground blizzards.

Felt fine.
5-1/2; 5-1/2; 30-1/2; 30-1/2
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