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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Dawn by the Missouri, with pictures

Not "down by the Missouri River", but truly dawn by the river, as the photos below attest.

It was a spectacular predawn-to-gray-day jaunt, my longest of the new year and in quite a while, at about 11 miles. I park downstream from but on the bench above Morony Dam (Morony: adj. 1. of or like a moron). Then I go down an access road, across country to Sacajawea Spring, where I hook up with what's now called the North Shore Trail. I take it past Morony, past the unnamed spring above there, around the cliffs and coves to Dry Waterfall and the Box Elder Creek overlook, then back to the Morony road and my car.

I've decleared this loop to be longer than what it probably actually is, but always felt justified by all the vertical change in it.

I saw nothing fuzzy (no rabbits or deer — or porcupines) but plenty of fowl, of the usual kind for this area: Many Canada geese, some ducks of various kinds, pigeons, magpies and a solitary bald eagle. It was 29 when I set out, and 34 when I finished. It was fairly windy, but the route kept me out of it most of the way.

Enjoy the pics!

11; 22; 96-1/2; 96-1/2
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