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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Ran a reverse of the Malmstrom gate route-to-Portage Meadows, which worked out pretty well. The unusual thing was the temperature. When I went out, it was about 40, and it looked as if it had just rained a little, but it was clearing. As I plodded along, it got cooler, so that by the time I got to Portable Meadows there was a light sheen of ice that kind of surprised me. It wasn't a problem once I was aware of it. I checked when I got home and sure enough, it was about 28. Weird.

Kind of split the difference on the time, with the result that there was more traffic around the base, but nowhere else.

Also, finished Kerouac. It doesn't take that long to get through a book when you listen while running. Next up will be Vidal's Inventing a Nation.

5-1/2; 16-1/2; 63-1/2; 63-1/2
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