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Friday, January 13, 2006

Hoofing in the wind

It's nicer today -- close to 40, though a little windy (25 mph). The Achilles is feeling better, so I decided to run outside. Went all the way to the GS Water plant, then east on the prairie in the dark.

The only odd thing was way out, half a mile east of GS Water and in the pitch back dark, running on the left side of the paved road (following the white line on that side), a spectral bicyclist, with no light and wearing dark clothes (not disparaging ... I was wearing dark clothes too) shot past me on my left, on the shoulder in effect. I was going against the wind, so didn't hear anything. I'm guessing it startled him/her more than it startled me.

Swi, I went more than 18 poles east this time, going all the way to the main powerline crossing (coming up from Rainbow Dam, I think).

5-1/2; 22; 47; 47
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