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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

In the dark again

Nice. I skipped Monday because of a slight time crunch (fitting it in between working and all that football), and because I figured I'd run this morning, which I just did.

Went along the busy 57th all the way to the tank farm, then down past Giant Springs Water, where I ran on Sunday. I went 18 telephone poles east on that road, then turned around and came back. I'm pretty sure it's five miles.

It's cool out -- 30 or so -- and slightly overcast, but pleasant generally. The bowl games have gone pretty well from my perspective this year, starting of course with the beloved Huskers' win over Michigan in San Antonio. Beyond that, I found myself last night in the extraordinary position of rooting for Ohio State. I despise Ohio State, but I'm so gawdawful sick of the lionizing of Coach Weis at Notre Dame that I couldn't cheer for him. In truth, I'd love it if both teams last night could have lost.

I don't much care about tonight (FSU-PSU), and I'll root for Texas tomorrow, just as a spoiler and as the Big XII, but I'm not a Texas fan for obvious reasons. Anyway,

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