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Monday, January 16, 2006

Moonlight breeze

Nice morning for running: 22 degrees, light breeze from the southwest and a full moon just west of overhead. The moon makes some stretches of the base-gage-portage-meadows route less exciting (in the sense that I'm less likely to step on/in something on the black roadway), but pleasant.

I waivered a bit at the intersection near the house, because it would have been a good morning to head for the flats, what with the moonlight and all. Finally decided against it on the theory that it might be wet out there on the dirt track — frozen, of course, but wet and slippery/choppy.

I'm getting close to finishing the Kerouac. I returned the old CDs, and picked up a couple of new ones: Vidal's Inventing a Nation and Wolfe's Man in Full, the last two of both authors' work that I haven't read. A couple of people have said they didn't like the Wolfe book; I find him entertaining and interesting, if not profound, so I'll be interested to see if I can sustain this one.

There was surprisingly little traffic this morning, even on the approach to the base. I was about half an hour earlier than I've been recently; that must be it.

The weekend was filled with work and movies with some mildly interesting NFL games in the background. We watched The Girl in the Cafe and Falling Angels, two very different and interesting films. Angels showed at the library, and was a depressing look into a dysfunctional alcoholic family and their excuse for it (toddler boy over Niagra Falls). It was a Canadian film. The other was British, and revolved around the G-8 talks in Iceland. Great characters and acting in both.

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