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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Past the 18th pole

Awoke early and set out for the river, listening to Gore Vidal's version of the birth of the nation. It's pretty funny. For example, he refers to the handsome Hessian boys sent over by King George to fight for Britain, and said they were attractive to nubile young American girls who wound up marrying many of them, settling in areas of Pennsylvania where, to this day, they people the novels of John Updike.

He also notes the dire warnings of Ben Franklin that the new nation eventually would fall prey to corruption, to the point where only a despot could rule. Ahem.

Anyway, I decided for Swi's benefit to take the camera and attempt to show him why it was necessary out on that empty plain to mark my distance by counting telephone poles. I still don't quite get how to make the camera work at night (a tripod probably would help), but I did get a shot (below) that believe it or not includes the infamous 18th pole. The lights in the distance at the bottom are a residential part of Malmstrom Air Force Base about a mile to the south. The light at the top is the 3/4 moon, and the pole is a hole in the blackness just to the right of the moon.

I ran past that pole this morning, all the way to the road's turn northward where it eventually drops to the scenic overlooks at Rainbow Falls. Then back.

It's chilly today, in the mid to high 20s, with a stiff breeze out of the northwest that challenged my fleece turtle hat (should have worn the stocking cap). There are high, thin clouds.

Inasmuch as it was earlier than usual (I write this at 6:30), there was virtually no traffic except for a few guys in pickups headed for something down by the river ... must be the start of a shift somewhere down there.

Anyway, call it ...
6; 22-1/2; 69-1/2; 69-1/2
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